giovedì 10 febbraio 2011

Attention to the environment and sustainability in CDO Matching 2010 - Compensate for CO2

some of the prizes for the winners of the Award Sustainability of CDOs, from Romanians sustainable projects wind energy and industrial infrastructure:
- 2 certificates of voluntary compensation of CO2 produced for the first prize in the "SME Production" and the first prize in the "Building" through participation in the development of wind projects in Romania.
- A visit to the beautiful nature reserve of "Delta Dunari" (Danube’s mouth), target area of sustainable projects conducted by the BPE, the first prize in the "Building" and the CDO office, which is most active in promoting “SUSTAINABILITY AWARD”'of the CDO. Places where accompanied by representatives of local authorities involved in the projects, will visit areas where, through the proper use of natural resources and financial resources, will assist with the conjugation of sustainability and development opportunities, while fully respecting the "Nature".

During the Award ceremony, the President of CDO Milan, Massimo Ferlini, announced that 1,250 additional tonnes of CO2 compensation arising from participation in the development of large wind farms Romanians will be allocated by dividing them into certificates of 0.5 tonnes, to all Matching participants in 2010 that will be measured through the free registration, in the third edition of the Award SUSTAINABILITY 'of the CDO (, offsetting their production of CO2 generated from participation in the Matching.

An important step forward for a more active culture of sustainability, the CDO and his associates.