giovedì 14 aprile 2011


It born in Canton Ticino (Switzerland), by San Marino's BPE with the valuable support of the CDO Switzerland, the laboratory for the development of energy projects, technologies and BACS. The laboratory involve professionalism related to the research university, with twenty years experience in the development of technologies, photovoltaic and wind projects, mechanics, electronics, architecture, chemistry, economics, finance, sustainability, social and bioethics. Skills, of some of their, which have enabled the development of entire regions, such as the project Manfredonia former Eni-Chem '80s, or of other, already engaged in the development of large wind farm to support the development.
Among the first objectives is the development of energy projects Romanians, with the municipal administrations, and Turks, the technologies included in the draft APEA (industrial areas ecologically equipped) and the needs that derive from the table on sustainable work of Italian CDO.
The laboratory will develop its projects and its activities in cooperation and with the support of partners already active in the APEA projects and industries, CDO ( and ANIPLA (, who have declared their interest. In fact, the laboratory aims to develop the difficult task of technology integration and avoid overlap with the activities of R & D already conducted by the partners through a direct application to concrete projects. An application that will take place through technology integration or selection of appropriate technologies produced by the individual partners, integrated in the sustainable innovation projects.
Design work of the wind farms in Romania will produce, for the laboratory, resources to support the continued search for partners and at the base of the industry initiatives that will be located in Romania, Turkey and Italy.
Sinergies to produce energy, but also to generate opportunities and development. Synergies open to operators in the production of energy from renewable sources and industries engaged in the production of modern technologies for buildings, to be integrated into project management.