sabato 26 maggio 2012


The EU directives and commitment to sustainability must encourage building contractors to develop projects that combine building structures with the efficiency’s technologies and energy, without neglecting the seismic safety and usability for users, particularly in the presence of elderly or disabled. Concepts seem utopian, considering the economic needs of workers and contingent crisis in the construction industry. Actually you can get the economic feasibility by integrating the resources generated by the production of energy from renewable sources.
Since 2007, the draft of my book "Renewable Energy and Home Automation", was discussed the issue of proper use of economic resources generated by the Italian PV to support the construction industry, public and private, suggesting the integration of non-integrated photovoltaic parks in 'building, even in areas with higher production of southern Italy.
A good example is given by the incentives of San Marino, where the user, who does not have the ability to implement the system on its roof, can participate in the establishment of a solar car.
For Italy, but also for Switzerland and for all other areas of the world, those parks of southern Italy may be made in other parts of Europe, more incentives, which can offset the use of environmentally friendly energy resource and to finance the building construction, generating a positive cash flow for the building through a certain investment energetics.
Economic resources that, properly reinvested, may generate a driving force for the development of a sustainable economy.