lunedì 11 ottobre 2010


At 13:40 on 13 October 2010 in Palexpo Hall 4 Palaexpo of SAVE - Veronafiere, was held the seminar entitled "Building Automation for Energy Saving", with over 300 members and 150 participants. (video and photos are in the next italian post)

Session Coordinator: A. Servida (University of Genoa)

Energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions are highly topical themes that have a direct impact both on the activities on those civil and industrial. Improving energy efficiency in the residential sector has a marked impact on both energy consumption and production of greenhouse gases. In fact, approximately 36% of final energy consumption and 23% of annual production of CO2 attributable to residential / tertiary sector.
During the conference will address issues relating to the exploitation of industrial automation technologies for the optimal management of energy consumption (and, more generally, utility) in buildings. The aim is to illustrate, through discussion of case histories, the benefits reach and potential for optimal management, intelligent and integrated building of the various utilities (air conditioning system, lighting, heating, electrical loads ... ..)

13:40 to 13:50 Registration of participants
13:50 The potential and dynamics of the energy efficiency market in Italy in relation of 55%
M. Nocera - ENEA Technical Unit Energy Efficiency - Energy Services
14:15 Designing ecologically productive area - industrial areas in sustainable Romania
M. Piano - Research Center for Energy and Home Automation ANIS (RSM), P. Spada - Spada & Associates
14:40 Modeling and control of the thermal system of a building for the increase in energy savings
L. Ferrarini, S. Cappelletti, S. Radaelli - Politecnico di Milano; M. Pernice - Enertech Solution
15:05 Building Automation oriented towards efficiency HVAC
I. Coppi - Siemens
15:30 An integrated system for energy management within the office: the case Asystel
F. Marchetti - Speed Automation
15:55 EN15232: evaluation of the contribution of home automation for efficient energy management buildings
M. Giuliano - Gewiss
16:20 Lighting Management: lighting management systems for energy efficiency in the service industry
J. Dondossola - BTicino
16:45 New two-hourly rate for the supply of electricity. The energy savings opportunities offered by automation.
M. Perotto - Vimar
17:10 Closing session

A chance to see some best practices of sustainability are supported by technologies, such as building automation industries have some projects on integrating technological innovation (energy, electronics, mechanics, construction, etc..) Focused on the development of interventions in line with Directive 2010/31/UE of the European Parliament, on energy efficiency in buildings.

A moment of reflection and insight into the opportunities for operators of Building Automation, generated by the collaboration with the designers and industrial synergies.