lunedì 1 novembre 2010

Compagnia delle Opere (CDO) and Sustainability

The national event organized by the CDO (Compagnia delle Opere) at Rho-Milan, between 22 and 24 November 2010 (, will host two important events dedicated to sustainability:
- The first will see the awarding of the winners of the Award Sustainability of CDO, this year extended to non-members CDO;
- Second, a workshop titled "WHEN THE SUSTAINABILITY 'become opportunities' and Development". The workshop will be an important time to listen and how sustainability is not merely a theoretical concept but a real commitment and opportunities for the entire human race. The workshop will address some issues of sustainable construction, deepening some aspects of the new EU directive 31/2010/UE, in terms of energy efficiency in buildings, and projects comply with it, which may be an opportunity for construction companies and technology industries. The workshop will also address the issue of sustainability in all other respects, the Award being evaluated, such as production processes, products and services life cycle, the distribution / marketing, purchasing and sustainability along the supply chain and social commitment.