venerdì 11 gennaio 2013


On the 12th December 2012, the 6th European Conference of “N.I.C. – Nanotechnology in Chemical Industry” Programme was held, at Auditorium Federchimica in Milan.
An event where the European industries, institutions and other stakeholders had presented the rules and some best practices for environmental and sustainability, in the building materials and renewable energies.
This is the program of the conference:
Chairperson: Laura Niccolai, Chair of NIC Programme, Federchimica
1st session: the EU and national regulatory homework for nanomaterials
Chairperson: Fulvio Uggeri, Bracco Imaging S.p.A.
-          Véronique Garny, Cefic: EU regulatory framework
-          Maria Letizia Polci, Ministero della Salute: Traceability and testing of nanomaterials, the national authorities experiences
-          Silvia Boracchi, Angel srl: Nanomaterials in cosmetic sectors, dealing with an evolving definition
2nd session: Safety of nanomaterials in research and industrial perspectives
Chairperson: Mauro Usai, S.A.P.I.C.I. S.p.A.
-          Ralf Knauf, Centro Reach, and Annamaria Colacci, ARPA Emilia Romagna: The activities for supporting the companies in nano-issue
-          Virginio Sarto, BASF Italia srl: The practical experiences of a company for the sale management of nanomaterials
-          Nikolaus Ladenhauf, BioNanoTec: Nonoforce activities related to the safety of nanomaterials
-          Anna Costa, ISTEC-CNR: Safety by design approach to manufacturing risk management
3rd session: The benefits of nanotechnology for the environment
Chairperson: Laura Niccolai, Federchimica
-          Francesco Matteucci, TRE – Tozzi Renewable Energy S.p.A.: Industrial applications of nanotechnology in photovoltaics
-          Tiziana De Marco, Italcementi SpA: Abatement of pollutants through photocatalityc concrete and coating
-          Giancarlo Martina, Ecocity srl –  Colorobbia SpA group: Plants with nanostructured filters for the abatement of urban pollutants
-          Gunter Festel, Fester Capital: Availability of innovative technologies, like nanotechnology, for the chemical industry by co-operations with angel investors
At the conference event the following took part:

The Laboratory of Sustainability – “Laboratorio della Sostenibilità”, through its partners and Federchimica’s associates, like Colorobbia, are engaged in the development of nanomaterials and nanotechnology (MIUR – Smart Cities, and other research program).
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