venerdì 20 agosto 2010



The current economic crisis still does not teach us all that the "exploitation of resources" must be converted to "use of resources."
Each area of our planet has immense resources that should be valued, such as oil, mining, agricultural, but also human, intellectual, historical and cultural.

Wars, hunger, migration, are caused by incorrect use of the resources that generate geopolitical problems.

A global view of our planet, through proper analysis of the resources of each area, should launch a series of initiatives, involving the governments and peoples to use these resources in the area.

"GOOD UTILIZATION vs. EXPLOITATION. Should strongly oppose the use of resources for speculative purposes, through the sharing of projects with local populations. A virtuous cycle that would improve the quality of life for entire populations, increasing consumption and greatly contribute to resolving the crisis in consumption in place.

An example is the projects in Romania, San Marino’s Company conducted, combining the development of large wind power projects with the socioeconomic development of the area. An example that should become a model.