lunedì 23 agosto 2010

LONDON: Building Automation between Future and Prehistory

London is a full of contradictions city.

London is a city where opposing large international companies to small artisans in the neighborhoods, among people who see the city the center of our planet, traveling or connecting with the world, and who lives his neighborhood as his universe.

The same contradictions are expressed by the technologies used in building automation. You can admire beautiful buildings, which enhance energy resources and the most innovative building techniques, as opposed to beautiful residential neighborhoods (the most), which are large phagocytic energy bulls, with plant that could be called prehistoric.

Great Breatagna is a state that can enhance many renewables with the head wind and, properly, the government supports the development of wind power. A project initiated by Prime Minister Tony Blair aims to produce all the energy required for residential use by a large wind farm on the English coast.

Even in a well developed nation has not made a correct analysis. If it had analyzed the energy consumption of British residences would have found the real value from renewable sources: energy savings.
The majority of British homes are certified class F, in terms of energy. The British residences, despite the relatively rigid climate, disperse heat through windows crumbling, forcing the use of thermal plants in August, and the same plants have electives could be compared with the first plants built in the Italian countryside to 'Start of the deployment of appliances.
The state should identify lines of financing for private housing for renovation (frames each), heating installations, electrical installations (with home automation) and self-energy (micro eolic, geothermal and solar).
The entire UK can generate opportunities for industries and for ESCO that want power management.