domenica 19 dicembre 2010

BPE awarded by “Award Sustainability” of the CDO

It ended the second edition of the “Award Sustainability “ by CDO with the ceremony took place at 12:00 on November 24, 2011.

At the award ceremony was attended by Dr.. Ferlini Massimo, president of the CDO Milan, which introduced and reminded of the aims of the initiative, Dr. Marc Raimondi, Assessor of Enviromental, networks and Energy of Regione Lombardia, which emphasized the value of the initiative and commitment to the region on these issues of sustainability, prof. Mark Frey, President of the Global Compact Network and Italian professor of Management of Sustainability at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, reiterating the importance of sustainability as a lever for enterprise development, and Dr.. Antonello Giannangeli, director of Matching, recalling the commitment and the work done by the Scientific Committee for the Sustainability Award.

The premium for the top ranked were:
• PMI (Production and Services): Free at Matching 2011;
• Construction companies: visit to Romania invited by Business Processing Engineering of the Republic of San Marino;
• For all (Category winners and deserving of mention for excellence in the areas of assessment):
o a course "Sustainability in purchasing and supply chain"(2 people per company)
o an individual tree in the "forest of the illustrious".

The awards were presented, along with a plaque stating that the commitment in this area, held in the following mode:
- First place Construction Category: Bardi Costruzioni srl withdraw the award, the President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Enzo Bardi, presents the award Marco Raimondi, Assessor Enviromental, Networks, Energy of the Lombardy Region.
- First place PMI Services Category: Business Processing Engineering Ltd receives the award Dr. Luca Marcucci. Marco Frey presents the award, Chairman of the Global Compact Italian Network of Sustainability and Professor of Management at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.
- First place PMI Category Manufacturing: I Fratelli Emiliani Srl receives the award, Dr. Silvia Padula, presents the award Ferlini Massimo, Vice President of CDO.

Is awarded, the Director General CDO, dr. Enrico Biscaglia, even your local CDO that was the most active in promoting sustainability through their participation for Sustainability Award. The award given to the CDO Bari, raffled by the Business Processing Engineering, is a trip to Romania in the environmental reserve of Delta Dune.

The BPE has been awarded in the category "Services" and a special mention for the area, "Social", in relation to:
- The building 700mq Puglia, whose energy needs are fully manufactured by a plant from fotovoltaco 9kwp , where they were carried out research projects with the MURST (Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research) and the project of "Wind Farm at Biccari" (being finalized with the socio Alerion Clean Power Spa);

- At social consequences in the Wind Power project of Biccari;

- For large projects Wind / Industrial / Infrastructure conducted with municipalities Romanians of Dobrogea, Vrångia and Galati.